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Branding Provides uniqueness to any business when do right. We design brands by looking in the psychology of its customers to find the best approach for the brand and the best branding strategy to go on with.

Brnsding it just more than colours and logos, it is the graphical representation of a brand, that is whenever that simbol or colour is seen your brand should comes to mind.



We meet the following Branding Goal

Branding for new businesses

Creating an unforgetable impression is best done at the beginning. New Business that want to seperate them selves from the crowd can be do that with a powerful branding Strategy. Multi Creative Technologies (MCT) Is your ideal chioce for creating a lasting brand imagery that reflects your true values.

Branded Social Media Content

We at Multi Creative Technologies (MCT) also create content for Social media and design strategy that has proven to have increase engagement and brand awearness

Branding for Existing businesses

Rebrannding is advisable when your current identity don’t really reflect your true image or it’s outdated. This is a big and complicated phase in any business but with Multi Creative Technologies we can help streamline this process for your business to make it quick, uncomplicated,effective

Cooperate stationeries and souvenirs

We create brouchers, fliers, rool-up banners, and others cooperated stationeries for businesses. And als cooperate souvenirs like keychain, wristband, jotters etc.

Our Approach

Let's Talk about Your
Business (Ideal)

Companies that do not actively engage in digital marketing will be left behind in the nearest possible time. Wherever your business falls on the spectrum of digital marketing alertness, you should consider speaking with a digital marketing consultant and that is where MCT Global steps in.

When consulting MCT, we provide great insight on how to engage  while ensuring high Return on investment. We design a strategy that will give you an edge over your competitors and pave the way for you lasting dominion in your Niche.


Few Benefits of speaking with us

Economically Efficient

We consultants are hired as needed(that is the truth), and are therefore better for your wallet than in-house digital marketers, especially for short term projectsTo be the best result oriented digital marketing firm in the world , to render unbeatable Services by building a team of dedicated I.T Professionals


We work with a variety of companies and industries, and for several clients. We improve on our experiences to assess your situation and find the best solution or method to achieve the greatest success.



MCT works with a variety of people and businesses; we connect you with new clients or partner companies.


Well Informed

We are the best person to ask about technological advancements in the digital marketing world


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